About The Green Panel, Inc

Superior from the start

In 2007, The Green Panel, Inc. introduced an Engineer, Furnish & Install (EF&I) concept to our solar customers in Michigan and across North America.

Utilizing our fulfillment center to logistically maintain inventory for immediate shipment allows us to preserve a first to market concept.

This philosophy, coupled with our “safety first” service staff and direct sales, have been the key to our success. Continued demand for The Green Panel services has allowed us to branch out horizontally into other offerings, including electrical, telecommunications and batteries to fully compliment our customer’s expectations.

The Green Panel is aligned with superior suppliers and leaders in manufacturing who have in-depth industry knowledge and documented success, allowing us to become the preferred choice of consumers.

Committed to safety

Our commitment to safety is at the forefront of company goals. We adhere to a Zero Incident Policy (ZIP), which includes constant ongoing safety training with strict operating guidelines.

Supporting local business

Wherever possible, The Green Panel utilizes Made in America / Made in Michigan solar components for our systems. We know that our efforts in the Midwest are helping to spur the renewable energy industry.

Safety Certifications


RF Certification

First Aid Hands On Certification

CPR Hands On Certification

Inventory Management Certification

Asbestos Awareness Certification

Master Electrician

LTE Certification

We also carry liability insurance up to an aggregate of $7,000,000.00. Our project bonding capability is up to $400,000 per project with an aggregate of $800,000. All of our employees are covered by workman’s compensation insurance.

The Green Panel offers solutions for commercial and residential renewable energy projects.


As an authorized SunPower dealer, The Green Panel is committed to excellence in design, quality and service. Years of savings can start with little to no up-front costs.

Get Off the Grid

If your project requires total electrical independence from the utility grid, let The Green Panel design a custom solar panel and battery backup solution for you.

DSIRE Database

DSIRE is a database of state incentives for renewable energy. A clickable map of U.S. states links to government and industry incentives promoting renewable energy.

Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer

Powerwall stores solar energy throughout the day for use anytime. Sun shining on your solar panel charges your battery so at night your home draws electricity from the battery instead of from the grid. This powers your home with sustainable, clean energy 24/7.

The Green Panel Difference

The Green Panel services Michigan from our southern most cities all the way to the very tip of the Upper Peninsula. From assisting business owners considering solar to help offset energy costs to helping home owners looking to decrease their carbon footprint, we have been championing the push towards renewable energy since 2007.  Call us today for a Free Solar Survey and experience for yourself The Green Panel Difference.

How to Go Green

It only takes four simple steps.


Answer a handful of quick questions and we’ll give you a full assessment.


We design solar systems using HIGH PERFORMANCE SOLAR PANELS, from leading solar industry manufacturers.


Our NO MONEY DOWN SOLUTIONS include grants, rebates, incentives, and financing for most solar energy projects.


Fully licensed and insured technicians help you start generating RENEWABLE ENERGY ON DAY 1.

Installing solar panels and generating renewable energy on-site is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and potentially earn valuable LEED certification points.