Battery Backup Systems Safely Store Your Excess Solar Power

Operate your home or business completely off the grid.

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Get Off the Grid

The latest innovation in solar energy can eliminate your reliance on outside energy. If your desire is to get fully off the grid, remove your reliance on utility companies, and reduce your energy costs to zero, our lithium battery storage solutions might be the solution for you.
Solar arrays on their own rely on utility power at night or when solar energy isn’t available due to weather and other uncontrollable variables. With a battery backup system, additional energy can be stored for future use, reducing or eliminating the need to utilize any amount of solar energy.
These battery systems can keep the lights on during extended power outages without the need for a generator – making you and your home entirely self-reliant.

Get the Most From Your Solar Panels with Lithium Ion Batteries

The Green Panel provides expert installation of backup battery power solutions that are sufficient for handling most residential needs, including refrigerators, computers, televisions, alarm systems, and electrical outlets. Advanced systems are even capable of handling heavier loads, such as heating and cooling systems, washers and dryers, and more.

With our turnkey renewable energy services, we can design a system from scratch that includes the solar panel procurement and installation. For those who already have solar panels and wish to upgrade their system with a lithium-ion battery backup system for their existing solar panels, we will take into account your lifestyle, budget, and existing system to choose the perfect battery storage unit for your needs.

Keep the Power On During Grid Outages and Blackouts

Many solar panel installations still rely on the utility power grid in order to operate. Due to technical and safety reasons, solar panels need somewhere to send excess power, and in most cases, this is the utility power grid. That means when your neighborhood loses power – so do you.
One way to ensure that your power always stays on, even in a blackout, is to incorporate a lithium ion off grid power system to your home or business. With the addition of a battery backup system, you are completely “off the grid” and will continue to be able to generate and store solar energy indefinitely, regardless of the status of your local power utility.

For more information about solar power battery backup systems, or to schedule a free estimate for your renewable energy project,  contact The Green Panel today to speak to a solar energy expert.

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