solar energy storage system providing stored solar power for houseYou probably already know about all the different benefits that home solar panels have to offer. But you may not know that there are complementary products available that can make those panels even more efficient and valuable for homeowners. 

Solar power banks, also known as solar batteries, are essentially backup power reserves that store extra energy collected by solar panels. Here’s more information about these products and how they can benefit homeowners that use solar energy. 

What Is a Solar Battery and How Does It Work?

In basic terms, solar batteries are products that collect and store extra energy generated by the sun’s rays. So on a super sunny day, your solar panels might have access to a ton of energy — more than what your home would actually require on that particular day. So that power basically goes into a battery. The longer the battery charges, the more power you have stored in your home’s reserve storage. 

These systems consist of lithium ion batteries that connect to your panels. As your panels collect energy from the sun’s rays, they convert whatever your home needs at the moment into usable power and then send the rest into those batteries. This means you can then go back to get that power later on when you actually need to use it in your home. 

Since the sun’s energy is completely renewable, there’s no harm or extra expenditure of resources to collect that extra energy. Your solar panels are already operating — so you might as well make the most of them. Big names like Tesla and LG make these types of batteries that are perfect for helping solar using homeowners in a variety of ways. 

Off-Grid Benefits: Storing Solar Power Means You’re Not Chained to the Grid

Most homeowners that use solar energy are still connected to traditional power grids in some way. Though they don’t use nearly as much traditional electricity as other properties, this allows them to continue to operate all of their appliances, electronics, and other home features at night or on days when their solar panels aren’t collecting enough energy. 

However, this isn’t always necessary, especially when you have a solar battery or power bank. With this type of product, you can collect extra rays on sunny days for use on overcast days or throughout the winter. This allows you to keep a steady supply of power connected to your home without using grid electricity at all. 

Aside from simply reducing electricity use and getting rid of electric bills altogether, this factor can be especially appealing to those who would like to live in remote or “off grid” locations. Say you’ve found the perfect patch of land for a rural home or other type of property, but it’s not in a spot where you can easily connect to traditional electricity. Having a solar battery allows you to still build a property on that land and then keep it fully powered at all times throughout the year, even when sunny days are in short supply. 

Solar Panel Systems Are More Efficient With a Solar Bank

Whether you’re interested in leaving the traditional electric grid or not, solar banks make all panels more efficient by allowing them to collect as much energy as possible on any given day. They don’t just collect the energy that you use on that day and then let the rest go. They put any extra power collected into lithium ion batteries so you can continue to use that power at night or on other occasions where there isn’t as much sunlight available to convert into usable electricity. 

This makes it easier for your solar panel system to still provide energy to your home at night and throughout the winter or overcast days, which can be particularly appealing for homeowners in northern states like Michigan. Even though solar panels are still incredibly effective and worthwhile for Michigan homeowners, the state does receive about 13 percent less sunlight than the nation’s average. This means that having an option for reserving any extra power can make your panels much more effective through all types of different weather conditions. 

The Benefits of Back-Up Solar Storage for Emergencies

Finally, solar batteries are also great to have around in case your home loses power in a storm or other type of emergency. When you have all that extra solar panel stored in lithium ion batteries, you still have access to it in the event of a power outage. You can even invest in systems where your power backups will automatically be activated when they sense a power outage. 

Essentially, this works much like a traditional backup generator. You lose power, and the reserve source senses it and kicks in right away. This gives you access to full power throughout your home even if an outage causes your grid power to fail and your solar panels have no access to solar rays. 

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