Solar Panels for Michigan Homes and Businesses

We make it easy and affordable to reduce or eliminate your electric bill with solar energy.

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How to Go Green

It only takes four simple steps.


Answer a handful of quick questions and we’ll give you a full assessment.


We design solar systems using HIGH PERFORMANCE SOLAR PANELS, from leading solar industry manufacturers.


Our NO MONEY DOWN SOLUTIONS include grants, rebates, incentives, and financing for most solar energy projects.


Fully licensed and insured technicians help you start generating RENEWABLE ENERGY ON DAY 1.

Installing solar panels and generating renewable energy on-site is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and potentially earn valuable LEED certification points.

Michigan Solar Panel Installation Service

Helping you save money – and the planet!

The Green Panel is a full service solar panel company that quotes, engineers and installs solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems all across Michigan.

We are committed to helping your family or business go green. Our work is driven by a passionate dedication to the highest degree of innovation with solar technology, products, and services.

Our Services

The A-Z of solar services

Solar Power and Renewable Energy

Complete solutions for utilizing solar power

Battery Backup Systems

Safely store your excess solar power

Electrical and Telecommunications Systems

We’re more than your local solar power company

Solar Carports

Put your existing carport to work for you

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EV)

For your home. For your business. For the world.

Generator Installation, Repair, and Service

Never be without power again

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Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer

Powerwall stores solar energy throughout the day for use anytime. Sun shining on your solar panel charges your battery so at night your home draws electricity from the battery instead of from the grid. This powers your home with sustainable, clean energy 24/7.

Our Partnerships

Our professional partnerships allow us to be on the forefront of innovation and help you support the green initiative with minimal up-front costs.

…Everyone was professional, caring, and very informative. They gave fast dependable service and installation. I would recommend them to everyone looking for a solar system.

Rev. Dale Grimm

They have a real good grasp of the solar process from cradle to grave and have been able to provide great answers to all of my questions both on residential and commercial installs.

Ron Mann

Interactions with everyone from the Green Panel were excellent all the way through, and work was executed very well and in a timely fashion. I highly recommend The Green Panel if you are considering going solar (and if you have the roof for it, you should consider going solar!).

Bruno Vanzieleghem